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Social Media

Regardless of your business, there is a level of social media that will help you reach your audience better. Let me help you find the right sites to be on and a style that works for you.


Social Media Plan

Knowing when to post, where to post and why is important to making sure your social media presence converts to clients and sales. Social media is a constantly changing beast so it's sometimes hard to know where you should be directing your energy for the best returns on investment. Why not get me to do a complete assessment of your current social media presence and generate a plan for you based on your goals to make sure the time you dedicate to your social media is worthwhile.

Social Media Branding Guidelines

A consistent appearance in your social media can help with brand recognition and creates a professional appearance in all of your media. Sometimes this can feel impossible but with simple social media branding guidelines, you can achieve brand recognition while also leaving room for creative expression and diversity in your posts to maintain attention. This helps ensure that your online presence matches the appearance of your real-world business.


Social Media Graphics

Images rule your social media presence. But how do you get it right?

What text should be on a post? What images should I be using?

Keep it simple is always key. And if you want to do it yourself consider getting a Social Media Branding Guidelines done. But if you want this off your plate so you can focus on your business consider outsourcing your work to Dem's Designs. We'll work with you on your plan and branding and make sure we're creating great graphics that capture your business and communicate well with your audience.

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Your Everything...

Diana McLaren has been working as a freelancer helping small and medium businesses improve their online presence and branding since 2015.





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