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Videos are a great way to communicate with your audience. Whether it's to showcase an event, show off your space, sell your product or tell your story.


Videos are the most engaged with content on the internet, so whether you're advertising your event, product or service, or even if you want help making your YouTube series or explainer video then why not make it stand out by using a professional videographer.

Below are just a few examples of videos that I've made to help people get their message out to the world.


This video was made for a friend doing an amazing social experiment.

Photo Studio Lights

This was tricky because we had audio but no visuals and wanted to make a video, so I made one, using my own and some free source video footage.

Photo Studio

Between sessions, they were teaching we needed to quickly film an intro video about who they were for their website, this was the result.

Film Slate Marker

This event had never existed before and along with creating their brand and running all their social media they asked that I make a short video to show what the event was like.

Professional Photo Studio

This video is from one of my favourite teams to work with to advertise an annual event they held.

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Diana McLaren has been working as a freelancer helping small and medium businesses improve their online presence and branding since 2015.





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