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Graphic Design

Maybe you need a logo, some images touched up or a graphic made. Or perhaps a funny cartoon or pitch deck. Regardless having your material designed professionally will give your brand the professional look it needs.



Having the right logo that represents your brand accurately is so important. This logo should end up on all your material so it's important that it's recognizable, suits your needs and stands out.

Whether or not you use me for your logo remember to ask your designer about what they will send you in your final package. Make sure you are getting multiple forms of your logo and check what file types they will send it to you in.



Posters are still a great way to tell people what you do. If you have an upcoming event or a service you want to offer in a particular area, posters can be the best way to reach your target audience. We can also create pamphlets and handouts.


Branding Guidelines

Brand consistency is one of the ways you can make your brand stand out to your audience. Branding guidelines can make that easy. Your branding guidelines will include a selection of colours, fonts and the correct way to use images for your company. With this document, you can use any designer at any time and maintain your brand consistency or share it with your team when they are creating materials to ensure your company always appears the way it's meant to.

Brandng Guielines

Explainer Documents

Explainer documents can include partnership requests, service explanations, concept sharing, pitch decks and much more. Often in business, the biggest task is making sure your audience knows what it is you do and how they can access it. Whether you need something to send investors and potential partners or you are communicating directly with your clients, make sure you are understood with an easy to read the document.


Company Materials

Business cards, letterheads, uniform email signatures, logo stamps... this list goes on. This kind of real-world collateral can be so important to some businesses so make sure that your materials have a professional finish to ensure your company is taken seriously.

Company Materials

Photo Retouching

Often you get a great photo... except for that one little thing. Maybe you had a small blemish on the day you scheduled your headshots or maybe you took a great group photo but the colours were a bit dark. Let us retouch the photo and see if we can make it the kind of photo you want to use in association with your brand.

Photo Retouching
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Your Everything...

Diana McLaren has been working as a freelancer helping small and medium businesses improve their online presence and branding since 2015.





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