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Sometimes you need to update your brand to keep it fresh and adjust to changing markets. It's important to make sure it's a seamless transition in order to help your audience stay with you.

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Rebranding can feel like a big job but sometimes it's necessary to update what it is you do in relation to how the company may have evolved. But before we look at what we'll create the most important thing is taking the time to do a full audit and assessment. This can just be about the branding and how the company sits within the market but it can also be a look at your social media, website, marketing strategy and so on, in order to look at everything the company is doing.

Once the assessment is complete and we have gone over it with you we will tailor a rebranding plan just for you. This often includes:

1. Logo Update

If you have an established brand you won't want a completely new logo but you may want a slight update so as to appear more professional or more energetic or more... whatever way we're moving your brand. It's important that the logo not be completely unfamiliar to those who already know you so elements of the original logo will always be maintained.

2. Branding Guidelines Update

Now that you have a new direction to move your brand this is the how, new colors, fonts, imagery etc. This will be a simple document anyone can use to be sure of maintaining your bran consistency.

3. Social Media Plan

This simple guide will give you new ways of interacting with your current social media platforms as well as new ones so that you can take your new brand to your audience.

4. Photo Shoot

This is not always necessary but it's often helpful to take new photos, particularly if you have a product so that as your brand refreshes you associate new imagery.

5. Website Update

Many of the companies I work with already have their website editors and don't want to use me but even if that is the case I can put together a detailed list as what on the website needs to be updated in order to be aligned with the new branding.

Before you decide to rebrand please remember to consider the effort involved. Mostly it is worth it but if you have your logo and branding well established and on merchandise then it can be the wrong move.

And if you don't choose to work with me but engage someone else's services please remember to ask you designer or for you yourself to complete a brand audit and note all the places your branding will need to change. Including all your social media platforms, website etc. But also other companies you may be listed with or be partners of.

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Diana McLaren has been working as a freelancer helping small and medium businesses improve their online presence and branding since 2015.





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