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New Company

When you're starting a new company there is a lot to do and making sure you have a great online presence can make a big difference to your company getting off the ground. You'll need logos, branding, photos, a website and more...

Business Meeting

Starting a company or organisation?


Firstly congratulations.

Secondly let me help make your brand stand out and set you up for online success while you focus on the business itself.

1. Logo

Let's get a logo that represents your brand and is also versatile so that it will work on all your documents, social media, website and more.


2. Branding Guidelines

A lot of establishing your brand comes back to a consistency in appearance across all platforms and in the real world. Branding guidelines are how you figure out your identity as a company and how you want to be seen in the world.

3. Social Media

Set Up, Guidelines and Plan

Social Media is not right for every company but for most it is the first step in reaching your audience. Making sure you're on the right platforms and posting at the right times can really help you to connect with your customers. And making sure you have the right guidelines and plan going forward can help you grow so plan for success and set up to scale your business up.

4. Website

Not all businesses need a website but for most it is a great way to let people know what it is you do and how they can engage with your company. Having a beautifully designed website with great functionality can make all the difference in your appearance.


5. Photo Shoot

Whether you have a product or a service, photos of you, your team and what you do can help in the establishment of your brand. Having a big folio of photos on hand for social media and publicity opportunities can make a huge difference to your growth.

6. Collateral

Business cards, email signatures, letter heads... the list goes on. Making sure you have all the materials you need and that they are all on brand and have a professional finish will inspire confidence in your customer.

Also depending on what your company will do you may want to consider a video to launch your company and brand, a pitch deck or explainer document showing what you do, or even some early training to make sure you are up-skilled for the launch of your new business.

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Your Everything...

Diana McLaren has been working as a freelancer helping small and medium businesses improve their online presence and branding since 2015.





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