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Social Media

Regardless of your business, there is a level of social media that will help you reach your audience better. Let me help you find the right sites to be on and a style that works for you.

Website Design

Every company needs a website. I specialise in creating self-manageable websites that once set up require very little maintenance and that are easy to adjust as you need. 

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment


Whether you need new headshots, photos at your event, product shots or just more photos for your social media and website together we can get you the images that work for you.


"What I love about working with Diana is her ability to get who we are and what we do, capturing the essence of our services, the team, our values and communicating that is photo, video and words.She is gifted. She is a genius."

Deb Maes, Director

Intrinsic Brilliance Institute


"Diana is not only an experienced designer and well versed in social media marketing but she's also a pleasure to work with. She was enthusiastic about doing the right thing for our business and worked quickly and efficiently while maintaining a really high standard. We also appreciated the way Diana was able to get her ideas across in a way we understood which made it easy to implement."

Nick Bowman

Founder and CEO IBRS


“Diana is across and on-top of it all! She has a wealth of knowledge on all things social media and is effective, efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Sophie Saville, Producer

The Story Mill


"Diana lead and implemented our recent rebranding, which included logo, website, flyer, and business card redesign, plus she played a big part in helping us develop our new business philosophy, as well as teaching us how best to market and deliver our services to our clients. Her speed of thought, her pace of work and amazing communication is astounding, and her holistic knowledge of marketing, psychology and, for us, her experience in the related field of event entertainment, is of huge ongoing benefit. I highly recommend Diana being part of any business team and am happy to answer any questions regarding her work."


Shaun Thomson, Founder

Host Masters Entertainment


"I approached Diana with a basic visual concept and a big idea, and through her creative design, captured the essence of my business perfectly.

Working with Dem's Designs was a pleasure from start to finish. Diana's collaborative approach, professional communication and ability to deliver on deadlines made the design process seamless." 


Belinda Brooks

End of Life Consultant and Educator 


"Diana has supported me with my personal brand as well as my company over the years in terms of social media, logo design, website design, user experience functionality, and videos. She's quite the creative polymath and I enjoy working with her because of her flexibility and commitment to ensuring we're happy with the end result. She's a brilliant asset to our team."


Divya Darling, Founder Intrinsic Brilliance Institute 


Videos are a great way to communicate with your audience. Whether it's to showcase an event, show off your space, sell your product or tell your story.


Graphic Design

Maybe you need a logo, some images touched up or a graphic made. Regardless having your material created properly will give you brand the professional look it needs.


Small businesses often don't have the budget to have an external person looking after their brand. So why not invest instead in upskilling and let me teach you how to create basic graphics, update your own website and more.


Your Designer...

Diana McLaren has been working as a freelancer helping small and medium businesses improve their online presence and branding since 2015.